Hey guys :P

I work the night shift so when I got back the new Naruto chapter came out! :D


I was so excited cause the hand hold between Hinata and Naruto meant nothing since he started holding everyone’s hand to GIVE THEM CHAKRA! (OMFG He touched everyone’s hand. That must mean Naru-Everyone is canon. OMG. *sarcasm* -__-) It was all part of the plan. Hinata hits (using Naruto’s chakra), Ino uses mind possession (Using Naruto’s chakra), the Nara clan uses shadow possession (using Naruto’s chakra), and the Akimichi clan uses their expansion jutsu to fight (using Naruto’s chakra). So Hinata was just used as a distraction. LOL.

But Kakashi’s speech and then Naruto’s T_T THE FEELS! NEJI COME BACK! Poor Lee T____T lol
(IF anything these last two chapters were NaruNeji. :P I wonder who actually ships that o.o Please let me know I’m curious ^.^)
Seriously though, these last two chapters were about friendship, and in even more seriousness these last two chapters were about WAR GODDAMNIT! Stop adding OTPs into this. IT’S MOTHER FUCKING WAR! We don’t got time for ships and if anything get the right ship! It’s not a NaruHina! We don’t even see her anymore throughout the chapter.

It’s freaking NaruKura (NarutoxKurama if anything)(Who actually ships that? o.o LOL I’m curious now XD). I’m so glad they’re pals btw ^.^

In all seriousness though there is no time for that shit. Like I said previously. IT’S WAR!


DO YOU SEE LOVE IN THIS WAR PICTURE?! I don’t think so. -____-

But anyway, slowly and surely they are taking down the ten tails which is good because I want to get to Naruto’s and Sasuke’s story already. lol

P.S. I’m tagging everything so everyone can get a chance to read. You’re welcome.

P.P.S. Did you notice that only guys have feelings o.o TenTen didn’t care about Neji (Lee did) Hinata didn’t care about Neji (Naruto did). C’mon girls. This is why everyone hates the female characters. lol

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