So Yeah. She’s my favorite character in RWBY. lol

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All I’m saying is that I can’t wait for this to come out in the anime. So far behind T_T lol


Naruto Chapter 627:
I am excited for the hokages to join the battlefield. Especially Minato right by Naruto’s Side. Also what is going to happen with Sasuke? If he joins the battlefield how is he going to battle Naruto? That is if he does. Maybe there’s a plot twist and he joins Madara’s side? Or maybe he just challenges him. Who knows. We got to see what happens. I’m really excited for Minato to join the battlefield. How is Naruto going to react? How is Minato going to react to his bijuu mode? How are all the hokage going to react to that? Also how is Hashirama going to react to Tsunade’s incapacitation?

Omg I almost forgot. How is Kakashi and Tobi/Obito going to react to Minato and vise versa?!! Omg that is a big one. But I feel like people are slowly forgetting pretty key characters. So I’m going to throw that in there to remind everyone about those storylines. Lol.

Anyway thumbs up for this chapter. It was a really good climax after a dragging story about the past. It left us wanting for more and so many questions to keep us curious. Good chapter.
Gave me some feels on Minato’s part. Just what he says makes me excited to read the next chapter. I also can’t wait to see these chapters in the anime to see the actually flow and movements of this. :P

But seriously? Sasuke’s good now all of a sudden? After what like 200 chapters? We’ll see what happens then. Only minus cause of mixed feelings. lol.

Guys, it’s the Road to Ninja Movie :) It’s Korean with English subs for anyone who wants to watch.

And for anyone who wants to put it on their iPod use this link to convert the youtube video into an MP4 file.

1) Paste Link
2) Download MP4
3) Put in iTunes and then iPod

That way you have it when copyrights end up deleting this video XD lol

Naruto Opening 13
Not Even Giving in To the Sudden Rain by NICO touches the Walls.

Thumbs up for this opening. :D

They finally got a new opening :D

For Naruto. I like it cause I’m excited they made a new one XD FINALLY, was waiting for it. haha. Plus my favorite openings/endings are from NICO Touches the Walls. :P


Okay so I found this really cool pic of naruto fox mode chibi form and I decided to color it in cause I was bored and I wanted to try coloring in pictures. (P.S. There was no source/artist/person to claim so if the original is yours please let me know so I can give you credit. Cause it’s an awesome picture). The first is the original, the second is a failed attempt of coloring in, and the third picture is the second attempt. I personally think the second attempt is WAY better than the first, but what are your opinions? Really, my honest opinion is I did horrible in general but pretty good for the paint application. Yep. Just paint. lol. Don’t have photoshop or anything XD haha
So what are your opinions :D?

Just had to XD lol